As any of my students will tell you, I am a life-long Atlanta Braves fan.  And as any Braves fan will tell you, the ultimate Brave was Hank Aaron.  Whether you think he is still the rightful homerun champion or not (he is), his records that impresses me the most are that he had 80 more RBI thank Babe Ruth (for the all-time lead) and an incredible 700 more Total Bases than Stan Musial (also for the all-time lead by over 10%!).  As a fan who watches a lot of games, it was also incredible to hear his stories in interviews of growing up and eventually playing professionally in the South.  He was a man who faced adversity but never let it stand in his way.  It’s a shame the team couldn’t give Aaron one last World Series in 2020.  It’s no longer Hammer Time.