Here is my CV, my ORCiD, and my Google Scholar page.

Hi, from my office in beautiful Davis, California. I’m a new member of the faculty here at UCD in the Department of Land, Air and Water Resources.  I am an affiliate of the Atmospheric Sciences Graduate Group which is a cluster of about a dozen and a half faculty members from across the university who work with students on problems related to Earth’s atmosphere.  I study convective clouds of various types and with various methods.  See my Research page.  I graduated with BS’s in Physics and Meteorology from NC State University (Go Wolfpack) in 2009.  I moved on to graduate school at Colorado State University in June of that year.  I received my Master’s degree in 2011 after working with Graeme Stephens and my PhD in 2014 after working with Sue van den Heever.  I won an National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship which I used to study for two years at the University of Miami with Brian Mapes.  Since September 2016, I’ve been working here at UCD.

OK, now a little bit of information about me that isn’t on my CV.  I love the outdoors.  In the summer, I spend my time in the mountains hiking.  In the winter, I spend my time in the mountains…snowboarding.  I’m an avid Atlanta Braves fans and baseball fan in general.  I enjoy traveling.  Either for science or vacation I have been to the UK, France, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Australia, and Thailand over the past 5 years.  Finally, since living in the Napa Valley of beer during grad school, I have enjoyed home brewing and tasting the efforts of the pros.

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Group Members

(Updated Winter 2017)

Hrag Najarian

My name is Hrag Najarian and I am an undergraduate Atmospheric Scientist. For all my life, I have always been intrigued with the atmosphere. From ordering severe weather books off scholastic catalogs to having a science fair poster about hurricanes, weather has been something that has always stuck by my side.

The area of research I am most interested in would have to be modeling severe weather systems with an emphasis on small scale systems. Since Earth’s climate is expected to get warmer, extreme weather is going to follow and will be a daily part of our lives for many generations to come. With the introduction of more frequent severe weather events, more innocent lives will be at risk than ever before. Preparedness is one way of adapting and being a step ahead of the storm will give people time to get in a shelter.

Currently, my research is comprised of using observational data from radiosondes located in the tropics to reach a correlation between Relative Humidity values, and Precipitation rates. Furthermore, we will not only look at the whole column of the atmosphere, but we will also look at two layers of the atmosphere, the 0-4km and 4-10km layers, independently to distinguish a similar pattern to one Matthew found in a model in 2017.